Ligo Sardines is well-known for its excellent taste worldwide. It comes in different flavors and variants to suit the diverse palette of the market. Ligo Sardines use imported fish from Morocco, Japan and Venezuela, packed with thick and rich sauce to ensure savory nutrition.

Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Healthy eating starts with smart food choices. Ligo Tuna Flakes is made with Pure tuna in Oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, selenium and magnesium. Served with rice, sandwich, pasta, salad or eaten straight from the can, each bursts with flavor and goodness. It also comes in a chili variant, mixed with hot spices for faster metabolism, so that you could stay fit. Truly Tuna-rrific!


Ligo Mackerel is a flavorful alternative to sardines. It is equally tasty and healthy. It also comes in different flavors and variants to suit diverse palettes.


Ligo Corned Beef is as good as home-made corned beef. It is a healthy mix of savory, sweet and salty, juicy succulence. Ligo Corned Beef and Carne Norte will satisfy any meat craving and ensured to give meaty nutrition.


It is easy to love Ligo Meat Loaf. It is a simple, affordable and tasty way to enjoy meat. Whether it is pork or beef, plain or flavored, Ligo Meat Loaf can be enjoyed with rice, bread or even eaten on its own. Ligo Meat Loaf is a top choice for tender and flavorful meatloaf.

Meat Loaf

Ligo California Squid in natural Ink makes it quick and easy to prepare variety of meals with this seafood favorite. It seals in the freshness and flavor of a fresh catch. Best paired with a steaming bowl of rice.


What celebration is complete without fruit cocktails and chips? Ligo Canned Fruits and Potato Chips have perfected giving excellent burst of flavors to liven-up any celebration. All Ligo Snacks are sealed to ensure their crisp, fresh and superb taste.

Fruit Cocktail

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