In the mid 1980’s, A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc., under the stewardship of Mr. Gregory Tung, Jr., strengthened its marketing and manufacturing set-up.

In the 90’s, they ventured into new canned fish and meat products—Ligo Mackerel, Ligo Squid, Ligo Corned Beef, and a smorgasbord of Ligo Sardines variants, the likes of Gata, Spanish, Afritada, Kaldereta, Tausi, Tinapa, and Curry, to name a few.

Eventually gaining worldwide popularity, Ligo Sardines and Mackerel are already being exported to the United States, Europe, Asia (Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, Middle and Far East), and the Pacific Rim.

Staying true to their thrust of providing the nation with quality products, Ligo has made it a point to continue making improvements in their production line. That’s why, in the past decade, Ligo has minimized human contact during production via equipment such as fish graders and feeders, knobbing machines, and cutlet can filling machines, among others.

Expanding their offerings even further, A. Tung Chingco Trading launched Ligo Meat Loaf in 2008 and Ligo Tuna Flakes in Oil in 2015. To help promote the latter, they tapped Miss World 2013, Megan Young, to be the face of the brand. The beauty queen’s Too Sexy TV commercial became an instant hit online, garnering over 230,000 views less than one day after its launch.



The future of Ligo lies in the hands of Mikko Tung, currently Vice President of Production. Together with his brother Mark, currently Vice President of Sales and Marketing, they are looking into expanding the variety of their products further in the coming years.



Over the years, the brand Ligo has earned a worldwide reputation of product excellence. A. Tung Chingco Trading's vision is to manufacture quality products that are affordable to the people.

Our golden rule in business success remains - QUALITY FIRST.

Since 1954, A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc. has been the exclusive distributor of Ligo products in the Philippines. Mr. Gregory Tung, Sr., known as the founder of A. Tung Chingco Trading, made these products known in the Philippines. A fruitful and promising association between A. Tung Chingco and Liberty Gold Fruit Co., Inc. of California, U.S.A. flourished and made Ligo a market leader in the canned fish industry.


In 1980, A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc., as it continued its dominance in the canned fish market, perceived the need to put up its own cannery to produce Ligo Sardines and Ligo Mackerel locally and meet the growing demand for its products.

To ensure superior quality, A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc. maintained strict quality-control standards throughout all of the company’s operations. Ligo products gained prominence in the Philippine market because of its excellent quality and good taste. Since then, Ligo has become synonymous to “Good Quality.”

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